Zamfara Social Intervention Programme

with this Programme not less than 3800 people of Zamfara will be benefit.

Empowerment Toward Minimizing Unemployment

with this Programme not less than 3800 thousand people of Zamfara will be empowered.

Zamfara Empowerment Programme

Less than 3800 People of Zamfara will be empowered toward development and proverty



what Z-SIP is all about

The Z-SIP is the post-tertiary engagement initiative for Zamfara between 18 and 35. It is a paid volunteering programme for some duration. The graduates will undertake their primary tasks in identified public services within their proximate communities. All Z-SIP are entitled to computing devices that will contain information necessary for their specific engagement, as well as information for their continuous training and development. In 2019, the Zamfara State Government engaged 3800 Z-SIP. In 2020, the Zamfara State Government is enlisting 100,000 more.

The August 2019 Application is open to every indigine of Zamfara state- the Z-SIP Volunteer Corps. Z-SIP will provide teaching, instructional, and advisory solutions in 4 key areas.

Application Process

kindly follow the process below in order to apply for Z-SIP .

Benefit of Z-SIP

Zamafara Social Intervention Program Benefit to the people of Zamafara

Offline Guide

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